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A Bit About Origami

Origami is the art of folding paper. Although it is difficult to determine its exact origin, Japan is identified as the country that has contributed the most to the development of this art and where its practice has been most perfected. This is probably the reason why the Japanese term ORIGAMI is used all over the world to refer to the art of paper folding.
The term “ORIGAMI” comes from the Japanese verb “ORU” which means “to fold”, and from the noun “KAMI” which means “paper”.

It is an art which makes it possible to carry out, using a simple sheet of paper, generally of square form, a succession of ingenious folds, to arrive, without operating of cutting out or collage, at the figurative representation or not, of all kinds of models.
Origami can take forms as simple as a hat or a paper airplane. It can also be characters, plants, animals or everyday objects.
But origami can also take on more complex forms, such as a representation of the Eiffel Tower, a horse or a dragon.
It can also represent decorative models, simple or complex geometric shapes or constructions based on mathematics, or be modular assemblages made up of the same basic folding repeated several times and nesting into each other to give the final shape.

The possibilities of expression offered by origami, a true mixture of art and science, are therefore unlimited.

Whatever its representation, origami is a fun, creative, fascinating, enriching passion, and like all art forms, a source of great satisfaction.

Origami can be practiced anywhere. It requires no expensive or complicated materials; a single sheet of paper and a little imagination and skill is all it takes to give free rein to creativity.

In the Origami by Polyvore community, we offer you a wide collection of origami designs and inspirations to help you make your next project a success!

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